Feedback and Stories

We have received a lot of customer feedback and stories of experiences from our staff.
We would like to introduce some of them here.


I couldn't contact my friend!

(39-year-old woman/Gunma-ken)

I have a friend who has some health issues. When my friend moved house, she asked me to be her emergency contact for the guarantee company, which I agreed to do. We were usually in touch quite frequen...

I came to Japan to study, but I couldn't find a place to live!

(20-year-old man/Vietnam)

One major problem I had when I first came to Japan was that no one would rent me an apartment. I had just arrived in Japan and didn't know many people, so when I told the real estate company that I co...

My real estate company disappeared

(44-year-old man/Kanagawa-ken)

I've been using JID for two years. I had never been late with my rent or anything like that and had been living without any problems in my apartment. One day, I was thinking that it must be nearly tim...

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