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Site Policy

Copyrights, etc.

The copyrights, etc. associated with documents, photographs, illustrations, videos, programs, and so on of this website (hereinafter referred to as the “Contents”) shall be attributed to JID. It shall not be possible to use the Contents for any purpose without the permission of the copyright holder, except when doing so is permitted under the Copyright Act.

Posted information

Changes, deletions, and so on regarding information made public on this website shall be carried out in principle without giving advance notice to users. The public availability of this website may be suspended or terminated due to unavoidable circumstances.
JID shall not assume any responsibility with regard to damages that have arisen due to deletions or changes to the content or information of this website, or the suspension or termination of the public availability of this website.

Recommended browser

The following environment is recommended for browsing and using this website.

  • Windows 10 (PC)
    Internet Explorer 11, latest version of Google Chrome, latest version of Firefox, latest version of Microsoft Edge
  • Mac OS X (PC)
    Latest version of Safari
  • Latest version of iOS (SP)
    Latest version of Safari
  • Latest version of Android
    Latest version of Google Chrome

Note: Nevertheless, in certain environments of users, it may not be possible to use some of the services provided.

Links to this website

In the case of setting up a link to this website, it shall be necessary to notify JID in advance of the purpose of setting up the link and the site administrator and URL of the website where the link will be set up. Links must in principle be to this website’s top page.
JID may in some cases refuse the setting up of links.