• Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

At JID, we have a variety of product plans to suit our customers' needs.

Basic Guarantee Plan

This is JID’s most basic guarantee product. JID provides support from tenant screening to worst-case legal procedures.
To the tenant (lessee), we guarantee anxiety-free living; to the real estate company or landlord (owner), the reliability of the tenant (lessee).

Withdrawal/Remittance Service Plan

We handle various procedures on your behalf. Leave the annoying stuff to us. This plan is for people who are busy and want to leave rent deposits and other such procedures to us.
Withdrawal processing fee: 300 yen (tax not included)

Basic Guarantee Plan

Withdrawal/Remittance Service

Supplemental Service Plan

This plan includes our emergency assistance service and insurance.

Basic Guarantee Plan

Supplemental Service

About our guarantee charges: Guarantee charges and guarantee renewal charges vary according to product type and usage. The minimum guarantee charge starts at 12,000 yen for a 30% guarantee.

Other Guarantee Plans

Properties That Benefit from JID Guarantees

All properties in Japan can qualify for all of JID’s plans.

  • Homes
  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Parking Lots
  • Containers
  • Warehouses