• Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

As a company involved in rent guarantee operations, JID strives to handle personal information with a high level of awareness based on a mindset of constantly respecting human rights and complying with laws and ordinances, and recognizes that appropriately handling the personal information of customers and employees is the company’s social responsibility. As such, JID hereby sets forth this Personal Information Protection Policy, and shall implement the initiatives below.

  1. All persons engaging in operations at JID shall observe its personal information protection management systems and handle all personal information associated with such operations in a secure and precise manner.
  2. When personal information is handled at JID, it shall be acquired, used, and provided only within the necessary scope for operations, in an appropriate manner, taking into consideration the content and size of the relevant project. Furthermore, measures shall be taken to prevent such information from being used beyond the scope of its purpose of use.
  3. At JID, reasonable safety measures and corrective measures shall be taken to prevent the unauthorized accessing of personal information, and the loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage of personal information.
  4. At JID, a personal information management supervisor shall be appointed, and this person shall be given responsibility and authority concerning the implementation and operation of personal information protection management systems, and shall carry out management in an appropriate manner.
  5. At JID, laws and ordinances, guidelines specified by the national government, and other norms related to personal information shall be observed.
  6. JID shall continuously improve its personal information protection management systems.
  7. At JID, a contact point for inquiries, complaints, consultation, and so on regarding personal information shall be set up, and JID shall handle such matters within a reasonable time period and scope.

[Contact point for inquiries, complaints, and consultation regarding the Personal Information Protection Policy]
Japan Identification Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department, tel: 03-4232-8080

Enactment date: January 5, 2009
Amendment date: February 1, 2018

Japan Identification Co., Ltd.
President & Representative Director
Mariko Umeda