• Rental Guarantee System Advantages

Rental Guarantee System Advantages

Support for an anxiety-free rental lifestyle,
from the time you move in to the time you leave.


The moving process goes smoothly!

With JID’s rental guarantee system, the lessee can take on the responsibility of renting a home without a guarantor, regardless of nationality, occupation, gender, and age. Furthermore, the system provides support for the detailed contract procedure and other concerns involving daily life, such as electricity and gas. Even those signing a rental contract for the first time can effortlessly conclude the procedures and move in.

We offer a variety of plans for the renter’s peace of mind.

While Renting
Renters receive help when something goes wrong!

JID has a system for providing speedy solutions to problems that occur in the course of daily life. Additionally, we provide a livelihood assistance service* for lessees who suddenly get sick or become unemployed and are unable to pay the rent.

About our home-related services while renting

About consultations regarding rent payment

Home Rental Consulting Department

The rental guarantee system is not rental insurance. If the renter cannot be contacted or if problems and contract violations persist, the landlord may refuse to renew and may pursue cancellation of the lease contract. Even if it appears that nonpayment of rent will persist long-term, we provide support for ensuring the basic lifestyle of the lessee without an increase in debt obligations.

Reliable care when you move out!

There’s a lot that first-time renters don’t know about contacts, and there’s much to worry about. At JID, not only do we provide solutions to problems that arise when signing a rental contract and while living in a rented home, but when you move out, we also provide advice on security deposit repayment, settling the cost of restoring to the original state, and more, so you can enjoy a worry-free lifestyle as a renter.

If you don’t understand the contract or the regulations involved…

Consultations and Advice (Customer Consultation Service / Branch Location Contact)

Immediately following the Great East Japan Earthquake, we at JID checked on the safety of renters (lessees) in the stricken areas. Additionally, chairman and president Yasushi Isaka donated a ship to the town of Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture, through an affiliated company. That ship operates as a ferry connecting Onagawa with outlying two islands, for doctors to provide medical care.