• Contract Process

Contract Process

Getting a contract is easy!
All it takes is three steps.

You have to apply through a real estate agent that has an agency contract with JID.
  • Application

    After filling out all the required portions of the application for rental guarantor services, submit it to the real estate agent together with the following documents.

    • Application for rental guarantor services (filled in at the real estate agent’s office)
    • Personal identification documents
    • Documents indicating ability to pay (Whether these are required depends on other details of the application.)
  • Review

    JID’s review department will conduct a basic review based on the application details.
    During the review, your employer and emergency contacts might receive a telephone call from JID’s toll-free number (0120 number).

    You will be notified of the review results through the real estate agent.
    Be aware in advance that you will not be told, under any circumstances, the reasons for the review decision that is made.

  • Contract

    Fill out all the required portions of the rental guarantor service contract (and, if necessary, an account transfer request form), stamp the contract, and pay the initial guarantee charge.

    After we have confirmed the rental guarantor service contract and payment of the initial guarantee charge, our guarantor service will begin.

To contact us regarding the required documents: