• Rental Guarantee System

Rental Guarantee System

Japan IDentification)is
a company that guarantees the reliability
of tenants (lessees).

What Is the Rental Guarantee System?

This is a secure, reliable system that guarantees the reliability of a tenant (lessee),
even without a joint guarantor* to depend on, making it easier to rent.

Under our rental guarantee system, JID accepts the role of a joint guarantor in exchange for a guarantee charge. The customer is then able to take on the responsibility of renting a place to live without asking anyone to assume the responsibility of a joint guarantor, ensuring the security of one's livelihood.
*Joint guarantor: A guarantor who accepts joint liability for the debits of the main debtor.

JID is setting the standard for rental guarantees.
We help numerous people who live as renters to achieve comfortable lifestyles regardless of nationality,
occupation, age, or gender.

  • Private and public employees
  • People with foreign citizenship
  • Self-employed workers and business owners
  • People with elderly parents
  • Students

Video Explaining the Rental Guarantee System

Why the Rental
Guarantee System
Was Created

When the bubble economy came to an end in the 1990s, major banks and investment companies went bankrupt, and real estate values plummeted. It became clear that anyone could lose their job to bankruptcy or restructuring, regardless of the size of their employer. People suffered from prejudice due to their occupation or nationality, and as obtaining a personal guarantor grew more and more difficult, the market faced the growing problem of displaced tenants.

If there were a system in place by which a third-party could offer guarantees, eliminating the need for a personal guarantor, then more people could find a home and attain a healthy social lifestyle. If there were a highly reliable institutional guarantor rather than an economically precarious individual guarantor, then landlords and real estate companies could also feel more secure. That’s why the Rental Guarantee System, in which a third-party institution takes the place of human guarantors, was created.

JID (Japan Identification Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1995 with the intention of “contributing to the development of a fair and impartial society.” We are a pioneering company, the first in Japan to establish a rental guarantee system.